Building mental health skills for teens and their families


About sisu


‘Sisu’ is a Finnish concept representing determination, bravery, and resilience. We are an inclusive and convenient platform for families to build the mental health skills needed to get through, and beyond, life’s twists and turns. We deliver content in a fresh, modern way that resonates with teens.


Erin Little

We're running out of time to give our teens the mental healthcare they need. Sisu gives teens and their families safe, therapist-approved support before a licensed provider is available.

March 31, 2023
The mental health crisis among teens is reaching unprecedented levels, and waitlists for licensed providers are dangerously long, leading many teens to the ER to seek care. To address this critical issue, sisu has launched a new platform to provide teens and their families with the tools and support they need before a licensed mental healthcare provider is available.