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Our innovative approach demystifies complex data, making it accessible and actionable. We are committed to enhancing healthcare outcomes, nurturing trust, and fostering strong partnerships.

AI is one of the most important tools in Hive’s data-centric toolkit/arsenal. With the help of powerful data analytic capabilities, Hive is uniquely positioned to help identify optimal benefit design, improved patient outcome opportunities, and overall group satisfaction. By choosing Hive Insights, you don’t just make decisions; you lead with insight and confidence. Join us in navigating the future of health insurance, where every choice is informed, clear, and impactful.


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At Hive Insights, we’re not just transforming commercial health insurance but pioneering a new era of data-empowered decision-making.

March 31, 2023
The mental health crisis among teens is reaching unprecedented levels, and waitlists for licensed providers are dangerously long, leading many teens to the ER to seek care. To address this critical issue, sisu has launched a new platform to provide teens and their families with the tools and support they need before a licensed mental healthcare provider is available.